This is the only picture I have of me taking a photo, that is fairly close. My husband took this one on his old crappy phone so it is very low quality.  A better bio photo is soon to come!

Angie Sedgmer Photography

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Hi! I'm Angie Sedgmer, Thanks for coming to my site! I am a photographer who lives in a rural area of Ohio. Photography is my passion! I absolutely love taking nature pictures! I find it very relaxing, and it is how I started out doing photography. Then I began doing some portraits of people and found out that I love doing these also...senior pictures, family photos, children, couples, babies, engagements, weddings... if you need a photographer for any reason you can contact me with the information listed above. Here on my website I provide pricing and information for portraits and weddings. I have kept my prices down for those of us who would like to have QUALITY portraits but can't or won't pay the prices that some charge. I believe that everyone should be able to have beautiful images of their loved ones to treasure for years to come. I hope you enjoy looking through my galleries, and if you are interested in purchasing an image, just click on the "add to cart" button in the top right hand corner of the light box. Thanks again for visiting my site!

Awesome sunset on the sound in Corolla,North Carolins, Outer Banks

Awesome sunset on the sound in Corolla,North Carolins, Outer Banks

My Take On Photography
I think that photography is a very interesting , challenging art form that allows us to explore our surroundings and grow as artists. We can always learn and improve on our skills. My approach to photography is to capture the things and moments that we don't always get to see in our everyday lives, and also sometimes the interesting and beautiful things that we do get to enjoy. My approach to portrait photography is to capture the natural emotions , expressions and interactions of my clients in addition to the poses that we expect. I will strive to give my clients not just a photograph to keep, but an artistic portrait that they can treasure for years to come.